About Us

Build confidence to achieve maximum potential

Grayslake Strike Zone X Baseball/Softball Academy provides private instruction on a one-on-one basis for players of all ages and all skill levels.

Lessons are a chance for an individual to further their knowledge of the game of baseball as a whole. The mechanical aspect of the game will be taught, but the mental aspect of the game is something the instructor will stress. As confidence breeds consistency.

The player will leave each lesson with knowledge about their own game and specific areas in which they need to practice and improve in order to become the best baseball/softball player they can be. Individual training drills will be assigned after each lesson in order for the player to advance from lesson to lesson. This is essential in developing any player and promoting consistency.

The instructor will focus on understanding mechanics and body control while emphasizing practice and repetition.

Grayslake Strike Zone X staff is well-versed and can provide personal coaching for the following:

  • Hitting
  • Pitching
  • Base running
  • Defense
  • Positional play (Outfield, Corner Infield, Middle Infield, and Catching)

Grayslake Strike Zone X also offers a full line of equipment and our professional staff can help fit you for the best equipment to suit your players game.

Come take your game to the next level. 

For lesson info call us at  (224) 541-4904 or by email.